In World of Warcraft it s hot again here! Patch 9.2 is on its way, and we are excited to see where it verschlägt our heroes next. Blizzard announced that it comes soon after Earth Morris. The mediators have entertained at the beginning of our adventure Parthia already have this mystical place that lies somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

But Earth Morris is more than just a new area of ​​Shadow lands. The magical area is a blacksmith, a kind of workshop or laboratory of the Creator. So are not the Titans, but meant the first. Nobody is quite sure who or what were these first. All that is what we know so far that these mysterious creatures arranged the cosmic powers eons ago and created the reality. According Ve Nazi Earth Morris is home to the Creator, and there is also the tomb of the first.

Before we jump to the lore and the mysteries of Earth Morris, we again sum up the story so far of Parthia together short and tight.

Patch 9.1: prisons of authority — The story so far

The story of chains of domination ends with the Battle of Tribes. The jailer snatches the other Eternal their seals and breaks the chains that bound him to the throat. While we in Parthia the writings and artifacts of the First researched, the jailer, Sylvan as and Indoor attack the capital of the Shadow lands. Its aim is to judge that since the beginning of WoW (buy now €14.99): vegetate Shadow lands in their chamber.

The jailer gets back the rule of his heart and his old form in Sanctum. Source: Blizzard The villain gets finally the heart of the judge and gets back his old form. Oval appears in its full glory and forces all mortals to their knees. His words remind Sylvan as suddenly her own martyrdom in the Third War, and they rebelled against the jailer. Instead of the Banshee Queen for her betrayal with death punish devises Oval for Sylvan as a special torture. He gives her back the lost soul shard, the Art has had stolen her once. Moments later, the jailer and Indoor leave the chamber of the judge and go together through an ominous portal.

Before Indoor followed his new master, the king of the Alliance drops a compass. This gem would Jain now use to free Indoor from the clutches of Oval. After our return to the Parthia Prius makes us courage and believes that the fight against the jailer is not yet lost. The Lord of the Malraux promises that he can reforge the keys of the Eternal.

And Sylvan as?

Before the jailer disappears in the portal, Oval Sylvan as is a part of her soul in the form of a frost splitter struck. The Banshee Queen collapses then. Source: Blizzard Knights of the Eton Blade keep the Banshee Queen is currently in prison somewhere in Tribes firmly. Bolivar, Thrall and Jain spared Sylvan as in order to question later. But the Banshee is keen that Oval the First, does not reach its goal, so the tomb. It was one of those closest to the jailer and knows with certainty where Oval disappeared.

Sylvan as will lead us definitely to the tomb. But what happens after that? One of many fan theories stating that the Banshee Queen forces at the end of Shadow lands Oval to his knees and then takes the place of judge in Tribes

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Indoor, the enslaved king

In the next chapter of Shadow lands Indoor emerges from the long shadows of his master. After Oval had left his previous favorite Sylvan as in the Sanctum of the rule, Indoor becomes the new right hand of the jailer. The enslaved king now commanded as commander of the armed forces Maw. Its mission is to conquer Earth Morris and make our hero s life as difficult as possible. The jailer is where exactly disappeared, remains in patch 9.2 for now a mystery. However, he has shown a most likely due to the sanctuary of the Creator — the tomb of the first.
From the First still no trace. In the video we see all the technology that they have left behind. The gigantic afterlife Forge is particularly impressive! Source: Blizzard

The heart of Earth Morris

The said temple and the machines of the first can be seen in the sky over the new field. The whole thing is reminiscent of the titanic buildings that we already know from Zeroth. The researchers plant of the First seen compared to the creations of the Titans made but much more advanced. The creators have focused less on artistic design, but rather to pure functionality.

In a small neckline, a floating transporter can be seen. There are no steps in buildings of the first. It seems that the Creator himself had no physical form, but from pure energy passed. The Astral Monitor, who is briefly visible in the video, is the prime example of the powerful beings, which may already exist before the order of the cosmic powers.

Earth Morris and the observers

The guard Algal on looks astonishingly similar, right? The WoW veterans will certainly remember the Astral Guardian. The observer traveled to Ulnar in Wrath of the Rich King to press the large red reset button. Fortunately, we were able to convince Algal on from triggering the apocalypse. The remarkable on the observer, however, was that he has a strong difference from the other guards of Ulnar and the Titans themselves. At our first encounter with Algal on, he appeared like another servant of the Titans. The first and the territory of Earth Morris threw a new light on his story.

The Chairman spoils an astral monitor in Earth Morris, which Algal on looks quite similar. Source: Blizzard Algal on was not a servant of the Titans, but a secret ally of the Pantheon. We suspect that he originally came from Earth Morris and later joined the Titans to support them with their mission. If the voices, then the world senses of Zeroth take great importance for the first. The sleeping Titanic got its unique name not without reason. Earth is called something similar to key or foundation in the ancient language of the Creator. There are certain linguistic parallels between Zeroth and Earth, especially if you speak both words loud.

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The World Chiefs of Zeroth could be the key to a new creation. Source: Blizzard The Prius of Maldraxxus speaks a warning at the end of the Parthia campaign. He says that the death has apart the soul of Zeroth. With death, the Prius certainly said his spoiled brother Oval. But why should the Chairman be interested in a world chef? Especially if he destroys the cosmic order and thus the reality, Zeroth will also have to believe in it? Or is there more behind it? Is the world sensor of our planet about the last key to the end or a new beginning?

Perhaps the first Zeroth created as a backup or emergency plan to preserve the creation before the final extinction. At least that would explain why the cosmic powers are so interesting for the sleeping titanium. Anyone who holds Zeroth in their hands is the true ruler over the entire cosmos.

If you want to know more about the story of Shadow lands and cosmic secrets, then read our big Lore Special: The secret records of Nazareth and the tomb of the first

The language of the Creator

The runes are like music notes. Each individual has a meaning and its own sound. Those who combine the runes of the first clever, gains great power. Source: Blizzard Another interesting point in the Lore of Earth Morris are the runes of the first. These signs are briefly visible in the video and were also the topic of a teaser tweet from Blizzard. They are the language of the Creator, with which they once sucked the first creatures lives. Where language is not the right expression. The runes are like music notes whose sounds raised things to life. As life runes, they make the opposite to the runes of the rule that the Chairman uses to submit mortals.

Our job is to learn this language. Only then can we defy the chairman. He introduced us in the Sanctum of the rule to Thrall, Jain and Bolivar, how easy it is to turn off mortals. The runes of the first could preserve us from Oval. Good that the Middle of Earth Morris help us to decipher the runes. We are curious how the story of the champion and the creators in the tomb of the first goes out.

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