The 2015 Organization of Legends World Championship (equated as: Organization of Legends World Championship 2015) was the 5th version of the World Battle Sand Multiply Competition online Organization of Legends. The championship was played in multiple cities in Europe: the team phase at the LE Dock Pullman in Paris, France; the quarterfinals at the Wembley Field of London, UK; the semifinals at the EXPO of Brussels, Belgium; and also the last at the Mercedes-Benz Field of Berlin, Germany. The 16 taking part groups qualified through triumph in a specialist league or by the regional classification competition.
SK Telecommunications was crowned champion before countless real-time viewers, as well as 36 million online, with media coverage in greater than 10 languages, this being a collaboration of Riot Games with program enrollers such as NOSE (those that gave off the Korean version). On top of that, the champions obtained a single set of acquirable aspects within the video game (via micro deals) with the outfit as well as the SK Telecommunications logo design, being the characters elected from amongst those who highlighted them in the championship.

Summer Noursworld Arena Championship 2021 (SIC 2021) last stage of SIC 2021, is broadcast around the world on November 13, which is on November 13, which comes from Korean perspective.

The SIC hosted by Com2us is a global tournament that covers the best of the Summer Mourners (Summer Mourners of Perforation, and is held for the first five consecutive years since its launch. Did.

The World Finals, which will be a single world champion, will be held online, and the Summer Mourners E Sports YouTube Channel and twitches, It will be broadcast through a variety of channels such as Africa TV. In the game, in July to October, the final eight players who have been selected through each regional qualifying and regional cups will meet the three-month tournaments for four months.

In the first match, the third-largest Korean player Jack- and the 19th largest in the Asia Pacific Cup, Bigv, the second match, and the second match of the Asia Pacific Cup, the first place in Korea, the first place Android, the first place, and the third match, The above DILIGENT and the United States Cup Already, the fourth match, is developed to the confrontation between the Chinese Sun Development Winner TARS and the European Cup 2nd in the second place.

[FRANÇAIS] SWC2021 Europe Préliminaire Jour 3 | Summoners War

As long as you are online, you will be able to go to the existing and other ways. From all over the world, the pre-selected global audience will expand the LAN support through the large LED screen installed on the stage.

A variety of attractions and special events for fans who watch the game live. Prior to the full-fledged 8-year-old Output, I have recently enabled SIC famous players who have failed to advance to the World Final, such as Thompson, True whale, Mr. Chung, From z, Villipytty, and Roth this year. Proceed with Events.

In addition, various items are given as a gift according to the number of new financial cumulative viewers, and the user who is watching the game in real time is also the SIC 2021 special costume that can decorate the exterior of Maine in the game.

For more information on SIC 2021 World Finals, you can see the SIC 2021 World Final official brand page.