Sony Company (ソニーソニー 会社, Son Kabuki Geisha, TYO: 6758, NYSE: SNE), is a Japanese multinational company based in the area of Into to Tokyo (Japan). It is energetic in different areas such as electronic devices, telephone systems, computer technology, video clip game, music, movie theater as well as audiovisual generally. Sony Corporate includes greater than one hundred companies around the globe, including Sony France SA, Sony Corporation of America, Sony Songs Home Entertainment, Sony Photo Amusement, Sony Interactive Home entertainment as well as is present in 183 nations (see Sony Corporation business). The group reveals on May 19, 2020, to renounce the date of April 1, 2021, in Sony Team (ソニー グループ) during a full restructuring, the electronic division will keep the name Sony.

Already a year the PlayStation 5 is now old. At least in Japan and the USA. In Europe and Germany, the Sony console came to the market for a week later. The availability was problematic from the beginning — and is until today.

This leads, among other things to insane prices for scalper for a PS5. Now the PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan has reported to the topic and assured that Sony understanding has for the frustration of the players. And he reveals what the company undertakes.

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All want to buy the PS5

We focused on the harshest of providing as many consoles as possible, says Ryan. Although Sony was able to discontinue over 13 million PS5 consoles in the first year after release. Demand is even bigger.

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Demand for PS5 continues high

I would like to say thank you to all in our community for your patience. We continue to see a historically strong demand for the PS5, and we are aware that the availability continues to be a reason for frustration, the PlayStation Boss will continue.

We do our utmost

We can assure that we do our utmost to deliver as many consoles as possible, we work every single day, everyone in the company, and that s also my personal top priority. We really appreciate your patience. We really appreciate It all together through this unstable times, explains Jim Ryan to the situation of the PS5.

Millions of PS5 consoles come

While the PlayStation 5 (Buy Now) continues to be difficult, Sony s last even had to reduce production by a million units. As with Nintendo with the switch. Debt is the ongoing lack of chips.

At the same time, Sony recently has several huge Jumbo Jets chartered to deliver millions of PS5 consoles to Europe. The availability could at least temporarily be a little better in the current Christmas business.

Source: Game spot

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12.11.2021 at 15:12