Youssoufa Moukoko - All Goals of the 16 Year Old BVB Striker So Far

During the EM group stage in March, Yousuf Mouton has packed his stuff earlier than originally planned, in early October he has fallen short-term again — and now the 16-year-old attacker of BVB must fit again. As the DFB announced in the early Thursday afternoon, Mouton travels from the team hotel of the U 21 this year for the third time this year, this time, inflammation on the eye does not allow for use in the upcoming EM qualifying games. On Friday (18:15, live with Yousufa Moukoko), the team of coach Antonio DI Salvo meets Poland, on Tuesday she gets to do it in Ingolstadt with San Marino. After the first four games, the DFB team performs the group B table with twelve points and 17: 4 goals, Poland is third (2/1/1), San Marino final light (0/0/4). Mouton has come to two games and three goals in the U-21 jersey. Further missions will no longer be added in this calendar year.