With the multiple collaborations of League of Legends on the occasion of Arcane, a user on Reddit contributed his granite of sand. Using the Lira of Genshin Impact, he touched two iconic songs from the Riot Games game: rise and get jinxed.

【MMD Genshin Impact】 MORE 【4NEMO feat. ...】

It is not something official, obviously. Carousel plays both titles and took advantage of the unlockable object by the meeting event with wind flowers. As we talk, it was possible to get a free copy of the lira de la breeze. Currently, it can be achieved by 150,000 mulberries with Marjorie, in the city of Ronstadt.

When equipped, we can recreate some songs that were heard throughout the Internet from the world of Genshin Impact. Carousel did it with Rise and Get Jinxed, pieces that are on the reproduction lists of new and veteran players of League of Legends. Especially Get Jinxed, which has more relevance by Arcane and the development of small Powder. In both cases, it was not a short version, but about the version we can find on YouTube or Spotify.

Of course, it does not have the rest of the instruments, but it helps to enter an environment to play League of Legends or start Arcane. In the same way, the selection of songs could not arrive at a better time, since there was also great Final of Worlds 2021. Rise, although it is the story of King Ambition Chan-Yong in 2017, it can be applied with Edward Gaming in 2021. After several years competing, not only came to a great ending: he broke expectations and won everything. There were 15 games that are now well celebrated in China.

Undoubtedly, Carousel took advantage of the acoustic magic of Genshin Impact. This only makes us wonder how it would be like to have Jinx, I saw or even Caitlyn in East as playable characters. Also, how would you react CHO beryl geosphere if Riot Games throw the house out the window with a collaboration as well. For those who do not know, the 2020 champion is known to dedicate hours and money to the game of Photo.