The new FPS will be released on the 5th. Despite the high sales of the previous (hereinafter referred to as WWII), as the campaign and multiplayer are negatively evaluated in the multiplayer, there is only a strong desire to reinstall it. The reason why it is interested in , which shows the aspiration that will return to the fundamental of the series.

Alexa Rayokoria, the Belinda Garcia Designer, who met through written interviews, expressed a variety of visuals and a different experience with the Campaign. I have my confidence that the story of each character will lead to a new play. What happens to the single content of this item? I listened to the stories of the two people who participated in the game development. / Disuse game Lee Hyung Chub reporter

The character s advantage is reflected in play… I will be able to experience a different experience

Q. I would like to introduce myself.

a. Alexa Ray Corrie (Alexa): Sleeper Hammer Games Narrative Designer Alexa Ray. He has been using various entertainment and game related articles as a freelancer, and after joining the company, he is working on the (Bang Guard).

a. Belinda Garcia: ASSOCIATED Narrative Designer Belinda Garcia (Belly) (Belly). She has been a narrative to her past game marketing. Slammer Games had a reputation of a good studio… I could not refuse when I got an incident offer.

a. Alexa: It would have been difficult to refuse. I think we were all.

Q. What is the most important factor in developing campaign content?

a. Alexa: It was to release a variety of stories in the background of World War II in a way that was not previously prone. I tried to solve the story of the Stalingrad that was a great turn of war, and the story of those who did not even light. As time goes through, the story of the people in battle is the story of people who are forgotten. In addition, I wanted to deal with a wide view of what happened during the war in the war.

Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign FULL GAME Walkthrough
a. Belinda: It was an important factor in which to illuminate various perspectives, and a different perspective, which gathered and gathered in one team.

Q. is awarded to the World War II, which is another, followed by . How much is the connection to the previous?

a. Alexa: I wanted to draw a new part of the incident, while staying in the core case through . I do not think that the users will not be surprised at the fresh elements that I can meet in .

a. Belinda: I have illuminated the same story as , and I would like to focus on how to solve other stories that exist on the same age background.

Q. The main characters in the campaign are based on the prescribed heroes at the time of World War II. I wonder if there is a criterion that has chosen them.

a. Belinda: The idea of ​​us is not completely cloning history, but I m inspired. Someday Creative Director Dave Benson (David Swanson) has heard a wonderful story about Martin Morgan, a story about World War II.

The Australian County of the North African Wire, called the Rats of Torus, called the Rats of Torus, called the Rats of Torus, the sniper of the Stalin Grad, and the sniper of Stalin Grad, was inspired by Arthur, Lucas, Poland, and Wade.

a. Alexa: I did not specify specific standards, but if you believe that the common points of the characters or actual characters, heroes are born at that moment. The characters of are those who go beyond now. It is perfectly strong, or it is far from the soldier s house and grew up.

For example, Poland was inspired by a Russian female sniper with a nickname called Lady Death (Lady Death), and Wade was inspired by a skilled pilot, Arthur. You can see that you have reflected several people and their backgrounds more than one of the existence characters.

Q. I wonder if the characteristics and personality of characters are highlighted in the game.

a. Belinda: In the campaign, each character has expertise and reflects these parts on play. For example, as the Poland Petrov is a sniper, she will also emerge a spaced character in the game. Each character has been reflected in gameplay, so you can have a different experience every time.

Q. If so, do you play each character separately in your campaign? Or do you have a mission to move together?

a. Alexa: Users will spend each character and quite a long time. When the campaign is over, you will have an understanding of the character and mechanisms, and you will be able to feel a lot of pleasure. I think I could tell this to this extent now. The rest is recommended by playing directly.

Q. Is the Richard web that appeared with Arthur Kingsley, Poland Petrov, Lucas, Wade Jackson, is the character?

a. Belinda: Richard Web is one of our favorite characters, and is a very important person in . Richard Web is as long as he is res pirated by Arthur and a long time, he plays his right arm.

At the same time, they are mutually complementary. If Richard Web is a cynical figure, Arthur appears to be a person born to become a leader. It is necessary for the team to lead the team properly. Through the campaign, Richard has a story, and how it leads to the story of Arthur, and see what role in .

Q. In , there were a squad abilities for each colleague NPC. Can I see a similar system in Bang Guard>?

a. Alexa: The users will have the opportunity to interact with the environment in different ways depending on the characters they play and to solve the problems that occur during battle. You may want to expect a variety of opportunities. There is another element for each character. Of course, I think it s not a completely identical way with the squad ability, but it would be an opportunity to have a special and unique experience.

Q. <Call of Duty: Like the Imran Raphael (Imran Raphael), which appeared in Black Ops Cold Wars (Imran Raphael), is there a majority in the previous work that appeared in ?

a. Alexa: It is difficult to inform all of them, but if you play the previous work, you will have a lot of moments to be immersed and enjoyed while playing .

Vanguard campaign, each character is like accumulating chords

Q. In the trailer, many battlefields, such as eastern wires, western wires, and Pacific wars, are emerging. I am wondering if the campaign s narrative leads to how it leads to how it leads to a way. How did you have a worried that you can play an immersive feeling over the wire?

a. Alexa: It s a very good question.

a. Belinda: If you want to speak from a line that is not spoiled, explores the whole, such as the eastern front, Western Wires, Pacific, and North Africa, which has been mentioned ever, and you can experience colorful environments. Each environment can see how the character affects the character, how it affects the character s emotional change.

The environment is also an important factor in what the characters have become ourselves through some journey. While I will notice it in detail, the user will be able to understand the character s story deeper through campaigns, and that each battlefield exists in the game.

Q. How much is the overall play time?

a. Alexa: I want to be determined to be decided according to how to play. Some levels have a lot of exploration, and exploring them. As with the previous campaign, it depends on how the user interacts with each environment.

Q. Like a quarterly point or multiple ending content, do you affect your campaign progress? I wonder if a multi-ending exists.

a. Alexa: There are a few stories and feelings, experiences, and experiences that we wanted to convey. will provide a number of thinking and immersion and enjoyable factors. The play is very funny… This might also learn new content for historical events or to bring other perspectives. I hope that the narrative is very big, so I can actually do that.

I tried to make a very powerful and fully experienced, beyond the best of all members of the Surge Hammer Games. You can tell that the content you like is ready. Literally, Vanguard (Vanguard, Selection Rime) seems to have been working on power. We can tell us that our development was a Vanguard.

Q. The diving bomber (dive bomber) appeared in the trailer was impressive. Please let the campaign tell you what the device can experience.

a. Alexa: I think you re talking about the story trailer. There is certain reason for us to show something. I hope you will expect.

a. Belinda: We have prepared a colorful way to experience the area to appear in .

Q. What is the distinctive part of this campaign?

Are you also interested in topics related to Vanguard Games?

a. Belinda: Personally, Poland Petrov and her leveling work have been a lot of balls, and feels that they are proud of them. A few months ago, some Stalin Grid Summer Mission has never been released… I participated in that work. I am very proud of my work to reveal the work.

a. Alexa: Vanguard> has been conducted in the form of one character on one character. I worked on the character s multiplayer dubbing. Belinda was a Petrov, I worked with a wade… I ve heard quite a lot of time in my head, and I heard a lot of time that the character actually alive.

Specially, it was a part of the diversity through different perspectives and world views. Campaigns are close to each character, rather than a single sound consisting of music, each of which has different chords. It is rich, but it is entangled the story of the world.

Usually the Second World War, I can think of the fight of Nazi and the opposite forces, which is only a very small part. It is really glad to be able to take out the story of the people who have been forgotten in the history and time, such as the Rats of Tone (Rats of Torus) throughout the .

Q. Thank you for your Korean users who wait for .

a. Alexa: I am very pleased to see the finally. Please be a value that is a valuable game that is fresh, even fun, emotionally, which is fresh and fun, emotionally even to the user. I hope that inspiration and mind can be able to give you a moment.

Today, there is a really diverse thing in the world. There is also a place where the pan team situation is continuing and there is still a difficult way to live. We are creating entertainment content that can enjoy the world in a limited situation. As long as you hear a significant hourly ball, the Bang Guard is the wind that you could have a lot of fun to you. Thank you.