At the World Championship 2021 In league of Legends came 3 out of 4 teams in the semi-finals from Korea. Nevertheless, the Solo in Europe should be a better experience. That says Lee Faker Sang-Hyeak, one of the most famous LOL players in the world.

The Lol Worlds 2021 took place in Iceland. All international teams were on site and have also played in the European Solo to keep fit.

Now, however, the players returned to their homeland and Faker, who came in the semifinals with his team T1, was back in Korea and played his first ranked matches in the Solo. And exactly about the matches there he stated then.

8 or 9 of 10 games are already lost in advance

What does that say exactly? He showed a match history in the stream with a number of defeats, which should be created above all, that people have gone AFK. The games all found in the Challenger area.

According to the Twitter user Gatamchun, Faker should have said the following in the stream:

The problem is the quality of the SOLO is much weaker compared to Europe. Here are 8 or 9 out of 10 games already lost before it starts.

Is the quality really so bad? On Reddit, the statement of Faker was hotly discussed (via Reddit). Here, however, users come to the conclusion that other players are consciously sabotaging, because they know his name.

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So he should be made in his streams of enemy players. In addition, according to the users on Reddit, there is a kind of betting system, where people deliberately bet on victories and defeats of Faker. That s why matches are deliberately sabotaged by players.

In Europe, he was not so much in the limelight and apparently had a significantly better experience with the Solo.

Korea and China are still the strongest regions

How strong are the different regions? In general, Korea and China are considered the strongest regions — even in the Solo. This is always a discussion point in the teams from Europe and America.

Thus, the Ad-Carry Double lift 2019 explained that the environment, in the American talents grow up, was garbage. He streams the solo often only with a I m a shit attitude.
In China and Korea Again there would be a mouth setting, in which rookies want to fight over the Solo and smaller tournaments in the highest league let. That says at least Dewitt, who became a world champion in 2019 with FIX.

Around the weak performance of the European and American teams at the Worlds 2021, the US coach Alfonso Smithy Rodríguez declared that both regions were disadvantageous because they only make against themselves training matches.

The Korean and Chinese teams, in turn, would often play against each other and push themselves to a much higher level. He sees a big drawback for the western regions:

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