The BUILT for Mars page has published a study on the user experience on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

At the heart, it is also about the menu guidance on both systems and how intuitive and easy it is to get to the desired destination.

For the study, about 30 tasks were created in categories that had to be done on the consoles and had to be ticked out.

The result: compared to the Xbox Series X on the PlayStation 5, average 29.8% more inputs were necessary.

To do the given tasks, but on the Xbox had to be made on average but 19% more significant screen changes.

PS5 & Xbox Series X UI Compared
Overall, the Xbox menu guide is designed more efficient thanks to fewer entries. Daily tasks are configured to be better accessible.

According to the study, however, it lacks both the Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5 on a sensitive design. Both systems would make hundreds of obvious errors in user experience.

The detailed study can be found on