Marco Schwarz comes out on top - Innsbruck 2012 Men's Super Combined

Marco Schwarz has hurt today during training at the residual height on the ankle. The 26-year-old Carinthian threaded at slalom training with the left ski and suffered a tear of the front syndesmose band in the left ankle joint. This gave an MRI examination in the health center Kitzbühel. It is important that Marco does not have to be operated. If the therapy is without problems, he may probably return to ski training in six weeks, says Thomas Gstrein, the attending physician. Articles and videos about the topic Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. Marco black after the investigation: That s luck in misfortune. I have threaded and then it was eaten to me the ski. That s stupid, now I ll start with the rehabilitation right away and see that I look as soon as possible in the skizirus can return.