For FIFA 22, the update 3 will soon be available for download. As Electronic Arts announces in the football simulation forum forum, the patch appears as usual for the PC version – probably in the course of today. On PlayStation and Xbox the updating should be no longer later. The patch notes are already available – and thus details of the changes and innovations. With the update, the developers screws among other things to the defensive players. So it could happen that the opposing defenders were based on players with Player Lock and followed them – partly in the field of the field, which brought no benefits for the respective situation.

How to Use Player Lock in FIFA 22?! ???? |  Player Lock Tutorial
The FIFA 22 screws to the shiris (Buy Now 49,99 € / 53.99 €) Update 3 also. As is apparent from the patch notes, referees decided in some situations on no foul when a goalkeeper brought the ball-leading attacker to fall. In addition, it should no longer happen that goalkeepers jump too far forward when they pike for a ball. In addition, after the update download, the property should no longer be mistakenly appeared in the Goal Shot statistics.

There are also individual changes for career mode. For example, it should no longer happen that the progress between game sessions is lost. When the game variant is stopped, Save and Exit now appears as the first option in pop-up so you can manually select your memory record. The full patch notes – together with the changes for the Volta mode – you can find on the website of EA.

From David Martin
03.11.2021 at 11:55