Today, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the new name of your company, homologous to your social network, would change to the goal. And but of course that internet came back to create very funny memes and we have selected the best for you. Enjoy them!

  • Annoyed with an invasion of personal data, please
  • Get out of here Facebook!
  • Facebook? Who is Facebook? My name is a goal facebook metraverse

  • Camil Straschnoy (@camilstras) October 28, 2021

Facebook? No, I do not know who it is. A judgment? Go figure. Nerd. I am a goal, great pleasure.

  • César Metaramís (@cesararamis) October 28, 2021


Mark Zuckerberg Changes the name to the company of him today, from Facebook to Goal… Chance? I do not think so. Meta Metallica

  • Taquitos Al Shepherd (@takitozalpastor) October 28, 2021

I m sorry

  • Jane Not a Twïtter Employee Manchun Wong (@Wongmjane) October 28, 2021

Now Facebook is called Meta.

  • ???? ???? Quidvacuo ???? ???? SpidermanNowayhome (@quidvacuo ) October 28, 2021

Zuckerberg This is what matters to the tubers that call him to Facebook Meta or Anpheta.

  • Nano Jano (@ nanojano1) October 28, 2021


  • Havuck El Robot (@havuckelrobot) October 28, 2021

Source: Twitter.