The 26-year-old Marcin Jankos Jankowski is one of the best players from League of Legends in Europe. He is Jungler for the LOL team G2 and was chosen 2 times to the MVP of the LEC. He analyzes the lousy performance of Europe at the Worlds 2021: As one of the reasons, he gives the weakness of his team G2, which were the only ones who could keep up with Korea. Also, nerve rich US teams.

That s the situation:

The European Team G2 made it in 2019 into the final of Lol Worlds, the most important tournament in the League of Legends. 2020 they came to the semifinals. Before the season 2021 they sold key players Perkz to the US and could not qualify for the Worlds without him.
The 3 European representatives were open to the LOL Worlds 2021 against the representatives of South Korea: 2 teams in the group phase, the third team in the quarterfinals.
Jankos now explained in a live stream, which is the reasons for the bad performance of Europeans. He clearly presents: Not only there is a reason, but equal to a whole series of causes.

European teams can not keep up with the US with salaries

This role plays the US : Jankos believes a problem in Europe is that every year some of the best players in Europe are bought away from the US teams because Europe does not have the financial opportunities to compete with the US. European teams are unable to pay comparable salaries.

In fact, it was noticed that the US teams only send a few Americans to the Worlds – and some of the best players in Europe now compete for US teams.

Only G2 was better than Korea – the rest was Mies

This role is playing G2: Jankos clearly realizes that Europe has not been able to compete with South Korea in recent years. That could only only G2 and those had 2021 a crisis:

We have the problem that G2 was just bad. And G2 was the team that could most likely keep up with Korea. You can ask: Why is Europe worse than South Korea? But only G2 was better than the LCK – every other team was Mies to be honest.

This is the difference of mentality: in the topic These advantages have Koreans, Jankos hardly arrives. He says:

Koreans would always take the player super serious and would have super severe rules
Koreans would play 24/7
They would have a fantastic coaching rod

In addition, Korean Best of Three series would play and thus had much more competition matches as Europeans:

We have about 18 players in a season. They can play damn 60, 70 matches.

D AS would be the mistake of the fans: From the point of view of Jankos, Lol fans always made it easy and then on European players are just lazy out, the actual causes but much more complex.

Europe from the One Team Region to the 0-Team Region

This is how this is discussed : The statements of Jankos are discussed extensively on YouTube and Reddit. The one point that would be relatively easy to change is lit in many: to make every competition game in Lol to a best-of-three series, the games on stage under competition conditions would be more than double.

But apparently, the Western leagues reject because one fears to trace the normal viewer when the match is no longer 40 minutes, but two hours.

Other points from Jankos see the users of Reddit more critical. It is said, for example, that the US players are bought away, can not count as a reason, the Chinese would also buy South Korea, even excellent players away, but they are superior. Anyway, it is a miracle that a country like South Korea could keep up with the much larger China. They have apparently optimized their system.

The problem is that Europe had been a one-team region over years, there were only G2. After DWG Kia broke the 2020, Europe is now a 0-team region.

No good laners in Europe – just good skirmishers

Jankos Talks About Why Europe Can't Compete With The East!!

A user to Reddit explains the great difference in the Worlds is the strength of the teams in the lanning phase. In Korea, outstanding mid-laners like Showmaker, Chovy or BDD force all others to improve their Lane Game. Excellent players in Europe or China like caps or doinb are good in teamfights, but no outstanding laners. They are known for other strengths.

Especially in the top laner that makes himself noticeable: this is a big weakness in Europe. The best European top lans like Adam or poverty would hardly be demanded regionally and then completely exposed internationally.

Some have the feeling, such a we save the west discussion is led every year. Normally, the discussion focused on the US – this year has also caught Europe.

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