We have recently written about the critical situation of Blade & Soul 2 in South Korea (here), where the aggressive monetization of NCSoft caused huge losses for the game.

Paradoxically… This is very good information for all future works of NCSoft, including the awaited Lineage W. After this painful teacher, Koreans should carefully build a business model that will no longer be as aggressive as in this case.

And you know what? NCSoft did exactly what we mentioned in that news.

During the last conference promised that no aggressive elements could be found to Lineage that could be considered as Pay2Win.

In Lineage, there are no boosts to expa, dedicated machines for MTX (whatever this means) and other subscription-based functions. In addition, payable items will also be able to gain through a normal game (for free).

I guarantee you that as long as Lineage W will work, the game does not issue any functions such as Einhasad s blessing or anything, which at least reminded this system. We give you a word that until the game works, such systems as Emblem, Guardian Stars or Spirit Inscribtion Systems will not be part of the Lineage W.

Today I promise that we will no longer take business decisions that are uncomfortable for players as a way of dealing with the risk associated with the action of the game

The Lineage premiere will take place in two parts. On November 4, Asia and the Middle East, and a few weeks later Europe and America.

The real Squid Game playing out in South Korea

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