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The world s largest Shin Incheon Fuel Cell Power Plant, the world s largest in the global fuel cell power plant, is full of work.

The real Squid Game playing out in South Korea

The Industrial Normal Resources Department said on the 26th that Incheon Metropolitan City has completed an Incheon light fuel cell power plant at the Southern Incheon, South Korea, South Korea.

Shin Incheon Fuel Cell Power Plant is a total of 78mW power plants using POSCO Energy and Fuel Cells supplied by Doosan Fuel cells. Currently the world s largest fuel power plant is the world s largest. Total business fee is 300 billion won, and a large-scale fuel cell, which is about 44 months of construction.

Electricity production process By product, about 4,400 furniture is expected to produce heating for heating, which can be used at the same time, and the low heating operator will be stably supplied through the nearby heating provider.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Industries, said, Recently, in the recent Incheon West, Hyundai Mobis, is leading the hydrogen economy in Korea, and is leading the hydrogen economy in Korea by attracting Hyundai Mobis s low-cost hydrogen fuel cell factory, and SK IgE s liquefaction plant. The power plant has contributed to expansion of the supply capacity of the Local power system in Incheon, and it has been stably supplied to the high-tech hydrogen economic production facilities in the region.

I hope to play my role as a stable power source for the purpose of the distributed power to the future.

Southern development is a fully converted fuel conversion of the hydrogen economic performance and hydrogen leading national vision report, which was announced on the 7th of the day, The roadmap was released.

The government plans to support the development of the world s highest level of competitiveness in this day, so that the ecosystem of the world s highest level of competitiveness can evolve.

Currently, if the amendment of the parliamented parliament, the hydrogen fuel cell can be further developed by promoting hydrogen development using the purifying water supply system (CHPS) in the early sealing of the amendment..

Meanwhile, the government will hold the 4th Hydrogen Economic Committee in the United States and will hold the Hydrogen Economic Performance Basic Plan, which holds the production support and expansion of hydrogen utilization.