The two pokémon remakes radiant diamond and luminous pearl get a function donated from the new series parts: the Exp-Share function. This facilitates the simultaneous uplich of all Pokémon, but with fans of the series, the innovation comes anything but good.

Pokémon new edition brings fans to the palm

Pokémon trailers that are currently waiting for radiant diamond and glowing pearls have to be patient for a few more weeks. Already now the two remakes ensure incomprehension and some excited players in the community.

How does this trouble come from? In both offshoots of the popular series, which returns to the Sinth region already known from Pokémon sword and shield, the so-called Share function will be permanently active . With this mechanism, the rearing of Pokémon should be facilitated by redistributing the experience points evenly to the entire group.

Players now fear that the developers withdraw a bit far the control over a targeted training of their little monsters . In most games of the series, only the Pokémon, which actually participate in combat events, has awarded experiences – with one exception.

All your colorful companions holding an Exp.all or Exp.Share Item (EP divider) in hand also benefit from the experience achieved – even if they were not actively involved in a confrontation. But that s not all.

also affected Pokémon professionals

Other players fear that this feature could also affect the value of the small monsters designated as an effort Values. Behind it, variable status points hide, which receives a Pokémon, if you put and win against certain other species.

Competitive players lay great value on a precise distribution of these points to get the best possible out of a Pokémon. With the new parts, the implementation will soon be a little more difficult, if possible. This can be your digital favorite animals in a box. There is neither experience nor EV points.

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Another criticism is that over time the Pokémon main games are already considered too easy and often align themselves at very young casual players. Both adventures are expected to appear on November 19 for the Nintendo Switch. The originals already appeared in 2007 on the Nintendo DS.