Twice Heidenheim had the chance to get ranzu, twice failed Tim small service scarce. First, in the first half of the first half, he missed the prompt response to the counterplace (45. + 1), then he headed at 0: 2 to the post (63.) – Three minutes later, Johannes Geis achieved 3-0 and The lid was on it.

So at the end was a clear 4: 0 success of the Nuremberg, who had not yet suggested in the first section: We know exactly that not everything was perfect. All in all, it felt very good, we arrange But that s right, Captain Enrico Valentini gave to protocol after the game.

Effective offensive? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

Livestream: LASK - 1. FC Heidenheim 1846
From the result you should not let yourself be blown, but one is very happy about the home win and especially that we could enjoy the last ten minutes with our spectators in the back , as coach Robert Klauß said.

You can enjoy the club up to date, even while looking at the table. Because it seems, as if the FCN can also be permanently set in the upper table clad, 21 points of eleven play speak a clear language. And after the hitherto slightly weakening offensive (twelve hits) was previously a small blemish, this is at the latest after the 90 minutes with partly very appreciable hits also passé.

Do not have time for so long to celebrate

The feeling we have now after the 4-0 is just horny, we are all euphoric. But right now comes the DFB trophy, we did not have time to celebrate, also knows Lino Tempelmann who had prepared two hits strongly and already predicted.

Because already on Tuesday (20.45, live! At small service) comes as part of the 2nd DFB Cup Round of the HSV to the Max Morlock Stadium – even since eight games unbeaten unbeaten. It may be another game, but with our fans in the back we look forward to an absolutely horny DFB Cup evening, says Geis.