Part 2 from Halloween Event BePokémon Go launches on 22 October. The event is called scary journey . We show you everything at the time, duration, bonuses, Pokémon and Shinys.

What is this for an event? The Halloween event in Pokémon Go runs in two parts this year. On Friday, October 22, Part 2 starts with the name Scary Journals . Then the new Pokémon Paragoni, Trombork, Irrbis and Pumpdjinn appear for the first time in Pokémon Go.

There is a new size mechanics, changed wild Pokémon, collector challenges, new RAIDs, 7 km eggs and field research. We show you everything here what you need to know about scary journals.

Scary companions – all bonuses, new Pokémon and Shinys

When is it going? The event starts on Friday, October 22, at 10:00 o clock local time. By 31 October at 20:00 local time it is active.

The highlights shortly:

New Pokémon Errbis (+ further development Pumpdjinn) and Paragoni (+ further development Trombork) appear for the first time in Poikémon Go
Irrbis and Pumpdjinn can catch in different sizes (S, M, L, XL)
A collector s challenge that turns to Ghost-Pokémon starts
The next part of misunderstood Schabernback is published
New Raids with Darkrai
Double sweets for sending, hatching and catching, as well as garnished XL sweets by walking with your buddy are still active and stay up to the event end on October 31st
RAID weekend on 30 and 31 October with dark and mega-absolute raids

Pokémon in the wilderness: In the wilderness, you meet Halloween Schabernback Pikachu and -Plinfa , Nebulak , Kramurx , Traunfugil , Shuppet , Felilou, Paragoni, Irrbis in size S and M .

With happiness, you also encounter Alpollo, Makabaja , light, Irrbis in size L or XL. Pokémon, which are marked with a star , you can also meet as Shiny.


Eggs: From the 7 km eggs that you receive during the event, you can get the following Pokémon: Webarak . Traunfugil , Shuppet , Light, Pargoni. Rarer finds Galar Makabaja and Golbit.

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All spotlight hours in October and your bonuses
Before this nightmare Pikachu, the coaches are struggling

One of the great bonuses of Halloween events is the development of Galar-Flegmon to Galar-Lashoking. Coaches were particularly pleased about this new content and could not wait to add the new Pokémon to their collection. But a mistake crossed the coach s plans.

Because of a mistake in Pokémon Go you have a new, limited research. The research should definitely solve them if you are looking forward to a Galar-Lashoking. Because she delivers the appropriate conditions so that you have the coveted Pokémon soon in your collection.