PlayStation has achieved the patent of an online voting system intended to allow to throw players of retransmitted items by streaming voting . According to registration, this would be a privilege for those spectators who pay, although their real application is a mystery.

The idea was presented to the United States Patent and Brands Office in summer, but it was not until this month that it received the approval of the organism, thus giving green light to the Japanese company to launch an innovation in which The public can send those who consider bad for the spectacle for reasons such as bad behavior, lack of sports or poor performance . This expulsion, in addition, could be temporary or definitive.

To avoid its excessive use, PlayStation invites to make a disbursement, it is not clear if with real currency or some kind of virtual credit, but also to gain votes where may be necessary a majority of more than 60% . Finally, not all the votes would have the same, thus giving more weight to veteran spectators.

The system would also be accompanied by some kind of animation that would allow the rest of the players to know what has happened to their battlesmate.

As explained in Kotaku, this system could be used in ways that, far from combating toxicity, could increase it. Even so, it is soon to know the real application of the patent by PlayStation, which could be more destined to online championships. Recall that at the beginning of the year, the purchase of EVO, the largest organizer of SMASH BROS tournaments and other fighting games.