It was supposed to be October 20, and it is October 20.

CipSoft has opened three new servers today in the iconic Tibia, one for each number of regions.

Trona (Europe)
Illusera (North America)
Ocra (South America)

These are Open-PVP worlds, where killing players in the open world are allowed, although you always have to count with the consequences. It s not about a white or red skull that appears after the murder but the fact that your victim can have a powerful protector or friends in a strong guild. Then your innocent murder can end very bad. Those players will commute you on every opportunity until you are forced – in extreme cases – abandon your character and create a new one.

For the first months, only players with premium accounts will enter new servers, or 95% of the current Tibia (if we dream about normal fun, the costing about 40 PLN PACC is an absolute necessity).

Welcome here .