Sony, sue (GO AHEAD, SUE US)

The American manufacturer Divland (Divland), famous for smartphone cases, said it will stop the sale of PS5 custom plates sold by its own sales through the official reddish post. Sony officially raised the problem of the corresponding custom plate through the fulsion.

Plates located on both of the PS5 devices have been found to be able to customize user customization from when the official disassembly video is released. Because it was easy to decompose. In fact, in November 20, 2020, the company that registered the domain called Customizemyplates in accordance with PS5 launches and received a dedicated custom plate and received a reservation order.

However, Sony seems to prepare for a custom plate without formal consultation. At that time, Sony contacts the site, and custom plate sales are infringed by Sony s intellectual property, and that will continue to sell custom plates, they warned that they will stand in court. Finally, the reserved custom plates were all refunded.

Divlands heard a half in this Sony s behavior. In February 2021, we announced the sale of custom plates in February 2021. At that time, Di Brand, Sony, sue, and confident. However, I decided to stop selling custom plates to receive the formal protest of Sony of Sony, October.

However, the Divlands have strongly opposed Sony s claims through the Posts of the Crypey s Posts.

One example is the division of the Divlands on the custom plate of Sony s dual shock button. Sony believes that our symbols infringed Sony s trademarks. Then, how did the have avoided this problem?

This Sony s dual shock button is not a claim, but it is speculated as a logic that represents a problem with the logo of the Sony s Button Game, not a plagiarism of Sony s dual shock button.

Finally, Divland said, We decided to submit to Sony s needs. Once, I said,