The Metroid series can be considered responsible for creating the SpeedRuns, since finishing a game as quickly as possible reward the player. In this way, it was just a matter before people start doing the same with Dread . That s so someone has managed to finish this mission in less than two hours.

Recently, the user known as Samura1man published a video, where we can see how it is that in just an hour with 56 minutes and 30 seconds managed to finish MERTEID DRAAD in difficult mode . Without a doubt, a great achievement.

The difficult way of metroid Dread introduces enemies with more life and that are capable of harming Samus stronger. In this way, it is not as simple to reach the final credits. It will be interesting to see how this community approaches the game once Summer Games Quick and its variants are carried out. On related topics, Nintendo is already aware of a game error. Similarly, this game debuted in a great way in Japan.

Editor s note:

MoROID DRead is a game that can be completed in less than four hours. Unlike other titles in the series, at the moment many sequences have been discovered to skip some sections completely, nor glitches that help players, so the approach is to memorize the map and find the most optimal route.

Via: samura1man.