Cet article dresse la liste des jeux vidéo les plus vendus toutes plateformes confondues, ainsi que les jeux vendus à plus d un million d exemplaires sur les différentes plateformes existantes.

Dota 2, Dota s successor, continues to be a leading video game in the Moba arena while players compete in 5V5 team fights. Valve continued to pay content in Dota 2 because the Esports scene of the game continues to be a leader in the industry. The game already has a ton of hero and recently, Netflix has released a lively series based on the world, known as Dota: Dragon s Blood. One of the animated series characters will soon become a playable character because Marci should go out in the game in a next update this fall.

The revelation trailer of a minute for Marci shows his close combat skills as she beats various enemy monsters. However, a much larger daemon appears, forcing Marci to recharge his energy, to use his movement and to wear a powerful blow of grace.

Marci should join the battle of the ancient this fall. It will use its strength and intrepid powers on the ground to transcend barriers. Marci s skills and capabilities have not been presented yet, many fans are wondering what is its role and how powerful it could.

In Dota: Dragon s Blood, Davion, a renowned Dragon knight, must use his powers to stop an enemy daemon that is determined to destroy the world. The Volume 1 of the series was released in March 2021 and consists of eight episodes. The complete series is available on Netflix.

Interested persons can consult DOTA 2 The International, an annual Esport event where a new champion is crowned.

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