Farewell to Verdansk: The Season 6 started today rings the end of the map. How to communicate the developers in a teaservoido to the new Gulag, players get the last opportunity during the current season to sign out about Verdansk. Thereafter, it is: say goodbye – Verdansk disappears from the Battle Royale shooter. This seems to confirm previous rumors, according to which the card available since the Warzone-Launch is laid to the end of Season 6 in rubble and ash. New hints are now also delivering the stadium and the downtown of Verdansk, which were violently affected at an earthquake.

Verdansk is replaced: After the end of Season 6 is over. With the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, the new part of the ego shooter series, a new map comes into play at Warzone, which is located on a Pacific Island and based on the setting in World War II. Verdansk was most recently used Black Ops Cold was playing at the time of the Cold War.

The new Call of Duty appears on 5 November. So far, it is not confirmed that the new Warzone Map is available on time for the Vanguard launch in the Battle Royale shooter. The developers initially informed that the Pacific Island card should be available later this year – together with new anti-cheat measures. First short scenes can be seen in a teaser video. With further details is expected in the coming weeks.

From David Martin
07.10.2021 at 10:43