If arrogant surviving Indead by Daylight still lose, the killer look forward. How nice that can run, we show here.

Survivors and killer players are in Dead by Daylight on War Foot. Little surprising, the game goal is to erase the others. Nevertheless, it often leads to unsportable behavior, where the one side is trolling the other.

From the point of view of the killer, the survivors who especially like to welcome with the flashlight to nerve. Mostly coupled with a situation in which the survivor is in security and the killer has to be able to watch powerless.

It will be entertaining if the survivors are exaggerated or forget about their environment or the killer s ability because they are already weighing safely.

The community of Dead by Daylight shares small clips of incidents from the game in the subreddit of the game. Especially the clips in the category Just Leave! Should be aware that it is advisable to take the escape as a survivor instead of mocking the killer player a little bit and thus endangering the escape.

A beautiful prime example comes from this hunter:

The match has actually run. The hunter has already killed 3 of the 4 survivors and only one MEG is left. But they found the Luke (Hatch) and could escape directly – but does not make them. Instead, she click wildly with the flashlight to mock the killer.

The hunter, on the other hand, can not be on the game for a long time and seems to go away – just to enter the house from behind. While Meg is still in a good mood further with the flashlight in the night, she does not notice that the hunter behind her simply closes the hatch.

Ashamed about the own mistake, the Meg then makes what such players like to do: disconnections.

Another example of this kind, if not quite so fatal, shows this LEATHERFACE player. After the Quentin was rescued from his eyes from the hook, he tries the killer a little too body blocks – basically a good idea, he has borrowed time and can catch a blow.

However, after suffering a hit by the chainsaw, Quentin turns around to show the killer – what he should regret. Because by stopping and show it immediately, he immediately collapses the second goal and goes to the ground. Otherwise, he could have escaped loosely because the killer would be caught for a while in the tantrum animation.

A third clip shows Michael Myers on the map The Game . The game is basically also run, only Jake lives and he has already found the hatch. Instead, however, flee, he mocks the Michael a little bit with teaagging . Michael remains quite quiet and goes behind a pillar. Slowly, Jake passes on to even mock the killer – and even makes noise. That s exactly this moment the killer uses to go to Hatch and close them from the eyes of the survivor.

Going stupid – and all that had been allowed to avoid if you just start the escape instead of mocking the killer.

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However, there are also situations in which the survivors just luck – and that is also deserved. Especially with FaceCompant killers who do not move away from the hook, that s nice sometimes.

In the last clip you see a Feng Min, which hangs along with your whole team on the hook. It risks the self-string (which has only 4% chance of success) – and succeed. Thanks to the perk s Dead Hard she escapes the first blow of the killer and it burns a final chase. Although the Michael Myers succeeds, Feng depressed after a short time, but that crashes exactly on the opening hatch and she succeeds in the last second.

Have you already experienced such exciting moments in which you roof over the killer or the survivors: Judge you right ?

Another survivor had as much luck as you never will have in the game.