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Today s September 23, 2021, Red Phantom Games and Numskull Games have published the post-apocalyptic top-down racer Gearshifter (from 39.99 € pre-order) for Nintendo Switch. The download via eShop costs 26.99 euros. On PC (Steam), Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the starting signal will fall on 1 October. From this date, Box versions for PS4 and Switch should be commercially available:

In the game description, it says: An arcade action-shoot – em-up-roguelite game. Bob you by steering, drifting, turning, destroying and shooting your way through waves on opposing vehicles. Struggles against extreme machine bosses. Stell Your car with modifications, defenses and weapons for each treacherous transport mission together with the right tactical configuration. drive. destroy. be paid. Uppart!

As features are mentioned:

Caying and destroying – trusting for precise control and masterful driving skills to avoid opponents to avoid shot and starting violent attacks. Action with high octane number with every wild ride .

Phantom Locomotive - Red Dead Redemption 2
Mega vehicle boss fights – defeat the legally defined political groups who master a Europe with a gloomy future, and turn off their crazy, heavily armored boss machines.
Preciated and upgrade – Creating dangerous transport missions to ensure the safe delivery of valuable goods. Let yourself pay and modify your car with offensive, defensive, cosmetic and power-enhancing adjustments.
Explosive Delivery – Extend your territory on the post-apocalyptic continent. Only the most appreciated Gearshifter can master the most dangerous routes and reach the mysterious citadel .

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