Last month, Deep Silver and the competent developers of Vartion have announced a reboot to the Saints Row series, which is for the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox Series X / S, the Xbox One and the PC in development and already on the market on 25 February 2022. Now the developers via Twitter have answered some questions of the fans and thus also brings us new information.

Your wish is Volition command

Thus, the players will get the most comprehensive character editor of serial history, which will ultimately allow them to create the character they always wanted to create. There are also eight different voices to choose from. Four male and four female voices should give your boss the right tone.

Furthermore, there will be several layers in the clothes, where you can also edit the gearshirts. However, you will be able to adapt vehicles again to your own wishes. Also in this area, Volition promises that the players offer much more possibilities than in the past.

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In addition, the developers have once again made clear that a reboot has been the only logical consequence for the Saints Row series. You have already completed the stories of the old characters and the earth is hunted in the air. There it was time to create new characters and a new world.

????How much silver will i earn on Budget Dagger build on Slayer?

Finally, it was confirmed that Saints Row can be played again in the cooperative multiplayer. This will also function across consecration, so that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players can play together.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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