THQ NORDIC announced JAGGED ALLIANCE 3 in the 10th Anniversary Showcase 10th Anniversary Showcase .

The Turn-Tactical SRPG JAGGED ALLIANCE series known as one of the representative titles of SIR-TECH such as Wizardry . Players will expire from the pressure and strategy while dealing with unique mercenaries, and while managing them, and in both tactical and strategies.

Several works were made after the transition to THQ after a number of transitions, but in this work, Haemimont Games, which is known for the Tropico series etc., is in charge of new development. This stage is a land of Africa, which was dominated by armed forces. In the cinematic trailer, a mission is made to rob the Brad Diamond , which is a source of nationality, such as the IVAN of all the series, is the source of armed organizations.

Other images can see the state of the tactical part of the reboot version XCOM and the newly added, characteristic skills per character.

Although it is the JAGGED ALLIANCE series that will continue from the first 1996 primary, the numbering will be released as 2 since 1999. Although 3 was announced once in 2006, development was canceled in 2009.

JAGGED ALLIANCE 3 is under development for PC.