The Superior Spider-Man is a superhero comic publication collection released by Wonder Comics that ran in between January 2013 and also September 2014. It was created by Dan Slott, with artwork by Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos, and also Giuseppe Camuncoli. The series proceeds from the occasions of the 2012 storyline Perishing Wish , in which Peter Parker is exterminated as well as changed with his nemesis Otto Octavius, who swapped consciousnesses with Parker and also left him to pass away in his rotting body to guarantee his very own survival. However, Octavius comes to be inspired by Parker s passing away desire to have a new Spider-Man secure New york city City, as well as determines to take on the mantle himself, coming to be a better Spider-Man than Parker ever was, and a better guy than Octavius.
The series is an extension of the long running collection The Impressive Spider-Man, which ended with The Impressive Spider-Man 700. The Superior Spider-Man additionally goes across over right into other Spider-Man titles such as Avenging Spider-Man and also its superseding title Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, in enhancement to various other Wonder titles. The collection ended with problem 31, which figured out the destiny of Parker s mind, and was adhered to up by a relaunch of The Outstanding Spider-Man series, with the brand-new volume showing Parker restoring his body as well as the Spider-Man mantle.

In Might 2014, it was revealed that the collection would certainly return for two extra problems (32 as well as 33) that load a void left by an earlier story, as well as introduce the Spider-Verse story. They were launched in August 2014. In July 2018, a one-shot entitled The Superior Octopus was revealed. It acted as an extension of the history of Otto Octavius after the occasions of Go Down Swinging , and also works as a tie-in to the Spider-Geddon story. In 2018, a brand-new quantity of The Superior Spider-Man debuted as component of the Spider-Geddon with 12 new issues created by Gage.

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