Julian Nagelsmann (birthed 23 July 1987) is a German expert football coach and former player that is the head coach of Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich’s head coach Julian Nagelsmann wishes more modern communication in football. As an example of his ideas, he called Football.

There you already have incredibly far in the technology in communication with players. Say: The quarterback hears the coach on the field, Nagelsmann explained in the interview with Münchner Merkur / TZ .

Football is incredibly far in the specialization of coaches on mankeys , supplemented Nagelsmann, as football you can pull out there incredibly much.

In his opinion, football is too traditionally conscious and leave no innovations. I find that we sometimes miss out opportunities in certain areas in football, but of course have chances for the future to make our sport a bit more modern.

Above all, the communication between players and coaches is something, what we need in football, ideally also with a connection that the player can communicate with the coaches.

Currently the communication was very limited, he would wish that that changes. You also have to make the push and say: we want that, but we want something in the jersey that players and trainers can communicate.

Nagelsmann: Football hides behind tradition

Of many things from the football could learn football, Nagelsmann believes. Football is crass technologized, but also a sport with a long tradition. And the football is still hiding too often behind this tradition – and that must be broken!

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