Volition revealed more details and answered several questions from the fans on the restart of Saints Row. Personally, I’m quite excited to get started and participate in another Saints Row game. It always looks like Saints Row for me, even if it’s a little different.

Of all the new things revealed, I am the most excited to know that the purple comes back. As the saints rise to the summit of the criminal world, the purple becomes more important. They also revealed some additional information about the saints themselves.

Here’s some information about the saints:

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Neenah is the best area getaway driver and has a long association with Los Panteros. She wants to get out of gang life but leans for the good of her crew. Neenah had a deep love for cars all his life and knows them by heart. When it comes to getting dirty hands, Neenah is natural.

Kevin is one of the idols when we meet him for the first time, he knows how to get attention and make noise. It is their best DJ and pleases people who know the guy who knows the guy; He loves people, is very faithful to his friends and he would do anything for them. Fort and impetuous, it is also a strong sensations researcher.

Eli is a business genius, making money is more important for him than the moral question of knowing how this money is won. Eli is motivated and determined, and does not worry too much if a few people hurt along the way. He came to Santo Ileso to make a fortune as an entrepreneur, to create a business. He simply did not realize at the time that the startup he was going to create was a criminal empire.

Finally, the boss. Whatever your look, you are the ultimate kill machine, which takes first and later request. The boss is too confident and does not follow orders well. In the end, the boss is you decide who you want to be and do the things you want to do, become self made and train the new saints. Of course, customization options allow you to literally make the boss what you want it looks like and speaks too.

Volition also revealed that Saints Row will have the largest customization range of all Saints Row games. Superimposed clothes make a return; Players can choose from 8 different voices and customize the vehicle that will be stored in your garage.

In parallel with all this, Volition also confirmed that the restart of Saints Row will have uncompicated cooperation and will extend over several generations. You will be able to ask a friend from entering and going out directly, and you can play the entire cooperative campaign if you wish.

Now, this Saints Row is a restart. Some things will be different from the last games. However, it looks a lot like Saints Row, and it seems to me to be a good time.