1.26 Updating arrived for Survival of the MARS , and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch.

In this update, Surviving Mars will receive some great gameplay improvements, including the redistribution of rewards for recurring discovery events in the reconnaissance center, additional bug fixes, including the missing passenger interface and creation of cables and pipes on the wrong card, and finally some platform-specific problems, Including controls.

Here is the complete list of patch notes:

Gameplay enhancements

The race rocket now charges items in steps of 1 instead of 5.
The collapse clearing technology has been moved earlier in the technology building and now appears between position 5 and 8 instead of 13th technology.
Change the order in the freight screens and group buildings of the same type.
Repeater the rewards for recurring discovery events of the Enlightenment Center.


Rocket League MOST SATISFYING Moments! #26
Fixed that colonists and drones stuck in food reserves. Attention: The fix requires the reconstruction of depots and food production buildings that show faulty behavior!
Show the racial rocket immediately under the attached objects on the Mars when it starts at the last second when an asteroid is out of reach.
Lander Rocket now loads all drones correctly if you start at the last second if an asteroid is out of range.

The Lander rocket starts now only with the loading of drones, rivers, crew and prefabs, if everything is available.
The trigger died in orbit is only activated when the crew actually dies.
Colonists who died in orbit were removed.
Breakdowns can be easily achieved with drones to eliminate them.
Fixed problem in which elevator load could be lost if both sides of the elevator requested the same resource.
Fixed problem in which the elevator load could not be updated after the first request.
Fixed vehicles can not be transported by right-clicking by the elevator.
Ancient Artefact Spawnt the right number of drones.
Automatic exploration of the RC Explorer does not cover any hidden anomalies.
Missing symbols for fixed surface passages and subterranean passages added.
Correctly updated PIN dialog when transporting RCRover.
An incorrect game-over state has been fixed when colonists died on asteroids, while there were still living colonists on the Mars or the subway.
Fixed an issue where cable and pipes were created on the wrong card.
Work layers are now updated correctly while you are on another card.
Prevents land and exchange pads from being rebuilt while in use.
DLC buildings will be accessible in a new game after an old score has been loaded.
Missing passenger missile user interface fixed in the replenish menu of the old retail store.
Improvements of the cheat panel (only available in creative mode on Windows, Mac, Linux).

And several other underlying code fixes that probably caused errors, especially to save games from before the update.

Platform-specific fixes

Fixed the start root for certain Windows 7 installations.
The ASert window under Linux has been removed.
Problem disconnecting the controller.

Known problems

Dome births can not be controlled.
The game crashes when a racial rocket fills with drones in the cargo while the asteroid moves outside the range.
Teenagers, adults and seniors inhabit buildings only for children.
The same anomaly events are found several times on the surface and disturb the match balance.
There is no warning in front of a discharged charge when a rocket is shot back to the earth.
Crash in connection with Inner Light Mystery in old retail stores.

Surviving Mars is now available for on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.