Santa Monica Studio is an American video game programmer bSony Santaed in Los Angeles. A first-party workshop for Sony Interactive Amusement, it is best recognized for establishing the God of War series. The studio wSony Santa established in 1999 by Allan Becker and wSony Santa initially located in Santa Monica, The golden state, till relocating to Playa Panorama in 2014.

God of War: Ragnarok showed his first gameplay on Thursday during the PlayStation ShowcSony Santae. The expected Title of Sony Santa Monica Studio showed sequences that will maintain the study of the gameplay of the previous work, published in 2018; Although this time a more vertical combat system will be offered and that grants more expressiveness to players.

In statements to ign , the director Eric Williams, which replaces Cory Barlog in this role, explained how they want to grow the title to be more than the second part that gives finished the stage in Nordic mythology.

God of War 2 and Ghost of Sparta are probably the two favorite games I’ve worked on, begins his exhibition Williams, who hSony Santa been fifteen years old at Sony Santa Monica and hSony Santa worked on all the previous deliveries of God of War. Interestingly, the favorite deliveries of him are the second parts of both the original trilogy and the PSP bilogy. In those two games there wSony Santa a method that consisted of taking the bSony Santae and saying: ‘You know what, let’s delve into the fanservice . We are going to give a lot of variety, but no more simply for having more. One more than wSony Santa properly structured.

More vertical scenarios and more ways to face enemies

God Of War Ragnarok - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Reveal Trailer | PS5
And that’s what they want to get here: not only offer more than we saw three years ago, but something better. I’m going to take the lessons from the pSony Santat and I’m going to use them to try to get it. Therefore, in Ragnarok what we are trying to do specifically with Kratos is to try to give much more expressiveness to the player , from the system of progression to equipment and weapons.

This Greater variety of character configuration options will allow Kratos to adapt more to the player, and not upside down . The involvement of atreus in combat will be greater, its linkage is greater insofar Sony Santa Atreus hSony Santa grown, it is more skilled. The way to connect [both] hSony Santa grown a little, so he hSony Santa many more tracking options and configurations for Kratos, said Williams.

Having more tools, the way to face enemies will lead to different situations. Likewise, The scenarios will be more vertical , which will translate into equally vertical combat mechanics, so change the way a player is expressed in the scenario when combating .

GOD OF WAR: Ragnarok will be put on sale soon in PS5 and PS4; The game will keep the plane sequence of the original.