The below and beyond DLC for _ survival of MARS_ today published on Steam. With the DLC, players can explore and expand their colony in the caves and lava tubes of the Marsenoberface. Surviving Mars is a science fiction builder about the colonization of Mars and the survival of the process. Mining resources and building structures are some of the many things that players have to do to ensure survival and improvement of the colony.

With the DLC, players can go under the surface and reduce resources, build special rocket-powered buildings and find exotic minerals and data samples. In addition to the new areas, players can now unlock additional buildings, vehicles, upgrades and locations. You will also be able to unlock asteroid degradation and tunnel colonization.

Get ready to go under the surface of the red planet in the underground caves and fly over his sky to explore the volatile asteroids. Surviving Mars: Below & Beyond is now available! ????

  • Survival Games (@surviving_pdx) 7 . September 2021

Surviving Mars Below & Beyond DLC Patnotics


  • A new area that you can explore directly under your colony. When we uncover what the Mars underground hid in front of us, we may even find something that equals our wonders.
  • Expand your colony into the substrate, they provide protection against the dangers of the surface and bring you richer occurrences closer.
  • Be careful as there may be underground marves that can lead to hazardous collapses.


Let's Play Surviving Mars - Ep 01 - Mars City Builder and Survival - Gameplay (1440p)
* Dare to fly to asteroids flying past Mars, and have a limited time window to visit them.
* Set up temporary mining outposts to get as many rewards as possible from any asteroids.
* Bring out exotic minerals, a new resource exclusively for asteroids to improve their colony on the Marta surface and in the substrate.
* Some asteroids may not be as they appear, and have a puzzle to solve while they are on them.

Extension technology

  • Turn off several specialized buildings, rockets and upgrades in the substrate and on asteroids.
  • Get advantages and upgrades for your entire colony.

Free update

News building

  • Amphitheater – a new building to comfort your colonists and increase the satisfaction of tourists.

Improvements of the user interface

  • Construction areas – You can now keep Ctrl (Y on the Xbox and Triangle on the PlayStation) to display the dust areas of other buildings and other relevant areas.
  • Reorder the tech queue – you can now easily adapt the order of the Techs in your research queue.
  • Leak symbols – Cable and pipe leaks now show symbols on it to easily locate them.
  • Cycle grid – You can now switch through various power grids and life-keeping networks by clicking electricity or oxygen and water in the upper bar.
  • Advanced Resource Information – We have extended the top UI Tools for more information per resource.

More colony control

  • Custom colonial name – Change the name of your colony so that it fits best to your colony.
  • Birthband Dome – In addition to allow and prohibit births, you can now allow births as long as the dome has still available living space.
  • Must include filters – colonist filters now have the opportunity to include all colonists with a particular property or specialization, even if they have unwanted properties.

Accounting changes

  • The event door for summer has been renamed.
  • School tower; Reduced the likelihood that the genius feature was given.
  • Intelligent apartments; Reduced resident slots and increased maintenance costs.
  • Medical mail; Reduced number of colonists that can use it per layer and increased service comfort.

Known problems


  • Drones that are busy with the transport of resources are not added to the load of a landing rocket when the asteroid moves outside the range. This can occasionally lead to a crash.
  • After the salvage of an asteroid country, its content will be unloaded on the landing place. Any drones and RCS that are part of the cargo can not be used.
  • The PIN menu does not display an incoming asteroid countries of asteroids.
  • There is no warning in front of a discharged charge when a rocket is shot back to the earth.
  • Drones occasionally try to get into the unattainable area on asteroids to collect resources.
  • The camera is outside the map when the player clicks on the astronomer needle while it is in orbit (dying Wish mystery).


  • Even after the elimination of debris, the area is uneven and not consumable.
  • Some burglaries are unreachable and can therefore not be eliminated, which prevents further exploration.
  • Shuttles can fly in the subway too high vertically.


  • Mac: Many UI images are not displayed in the Mac build.
  • In Epic Build (Mac), black squares are displayed instead of B & B content symbols.

The Surviving Mars Below & Beyond DLC brought some free updates for players, improved the user interface, balanced some mechanics and more so that players have a better experience. If you want to read the full patchotes, you can use the official games website. There you will find all the necessary information.

Survival of Mars is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox ONE.

  • This article was updated on September 7, 2021

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