Deep Silver is a German-Austrian computer game author and also a division of Koch Media. Eugenio Vitale functions as the supervisor of video games advancement for Deep Silver.

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The new trailer for Saints Row gives you an impression of what awaits you at the beginning of next year.

At Gamescom 2021, Publisher Deep Silver and Developer Volition officially presented the reboot of Saints Row. There was a lot of gameplay during the announcement not to see, but Deep Silver has now published another trailer, which grants a very detailed view of the upcoming action game.

In the well-minute video, the developers explain how the open game world of Santo Ileso, located in the southwest of the USA, looks like and what features the area brings with them. In addition, the characters of Saints Row and their relationships are presented. There is, for example, the namesome saints such as the boss, the mechanic and some other characters. But even if the saints are not just prior pastards, there are still far worse figures. Since the company Marshall, which maintains a group of highly specialized killers, would be in eight to take eight.

A completely different number are the panteras, a gang of criminals, which are mainly relying on their muscles and pure power and benefits really heavy weapons. The idols, on the other hand, are a colorful croped pile of anarchists who see themselves as role models of a new world order. They do not like the best fighters, but their mass makes them a real threat.

In addition, the developers give a few more insights into the development process of Saints Row and tell what the game is so special and unique in their eyes.