The newly announced Reboot or reboot of Saints Row did not like the entire fan community of the saga. Presented during the Opening Night Live of the Gamescom held this August, the return of the popular Volition series and Deep Silver hfan community received 39,563 I do not like it in its official YouTube trailer; By 21,124 I like it, an unusual difference that reflects a certain unefan communityiness to the new approach and tone of the license. The study will not change plans , however.

Because despite having 50% dislikes in the corresponding trailer of the Official YouTube channel of PlayStation and 54% of Likes in the Xbox, this warm reception will not prevent the American team from continuing with their creative vision of a very Changed regarding the saga of the pfan communityt decade. The official Twitter account of Saints Row hfan community been very clear in response to a player who pointed out this production fan community a clone of GTA.

Let’s not go back with this game . We understand it, it is new and it is a shocking reaction before a reboot like no other, they said. The trailer shown is CGI, showed no gameplay of the title, with the doubts that this type of video communications can generate.

Volition relies on the reboot of Saints Row; From Meristation we have already seen it

This full reboot is the funniest and most stimulating that we have included to date in an experience of Saints Row indicated on the occfan communityion of the ad Jim Boone, creative director of Volition. The new and iconic location brings many exciting opportunities to delight players, whether they are a series of the series for a long time fan community if they throw themselves to it for the first time. Our trip to the fictional city of Santo Osole will begin on February 25, 2022. It will be the best and greatest playing field Saints Row ever created, they say.

From Meristation we have been able to attend a presentation of this new delivery of Saints Row. We tell you our impressions of the new volition, from which we highlight its great fun and the bet so crazy. The study promises that the best driving of the saga awaits us, very accessible to the controls in its mechanics of Third Person Shooter and with many possibilities. It will have two cooperative.

Saints Row The next February 25, 2022 will be put on sale for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.