The Olympic Games events of the Ancient Olympic Games were an important component of these Gamings; the modern Olympic video games have opening, closing, and medal ceremonies. Some of the aspects of the modern events go back to the Ancient Gamings where the Modern Olympics attract their origins. An example of this is the prominence of Greece in both the opening and closing ceremonies. Throughout the 2004 Games, the medal winners got a crown of olive branches, which was a straight recommendation to the Ancient Games, in which the victor’s reward was an olive wreath. The various aspects of the ceremonies are mandated by the Olympic Charter, and can not be changed by the host country. This requirement of looking for the approval of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) includes the artistic portion of opening as well as closing events.

The events have progressed over the centuries. Old Games incorporated ceremonies to note the beginning as well as ending of each succeeding game. There are similarities and distinctions in between the ancient Olympic ceremonies as well as their contemporary counterparts. While the discussion of the Gamings has advanced with enhancements in innovation as well as the wish of the host nations to display their own imaginative expression, the basic occasions of each ceremony have continued to be unmodified. The discussion of the Opening as well as Closing Ceremonies remain to boost in extent, range, and expense with each succeeding party of the Gamings, yet they are still steeped in custom. The 2028 Los Angeles Olympics organisers suggest that the opening and closing ceremonies will certainly each, for the very first time, be staged across two stadiums.

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