The GamesCom 2021 once again found this year through the pandemic again in a digital form. But this did not stop the industry of filling the trade fair period with new trailers, announcements and more.

But which game has convinced us the most and which revelation has brought us directly to buy. This tells you the entire Opening Night editorial department below.

Dennis’ Highlight was the return of the Saints

Dennis Michel : Although I’m not a big fan of GTA series off the first parts, but Saints Row 3 and 4 have a lot of fun last decade. All the more I was pleased that the wound row already comes back in a reboot in early 2022. The fact that volition after the completely coated action from Gat Out of Hell the regulators drive a little down again is the right decision. Because, that should also be clear, the chaos and the fun gameplay will not disappear now. Only how did you want to hell the detour?

I really liked the new playground Santo Ileso, who will become the largest and most varied in the series, according to the developer. Here we should build the new Saints empire with new buildings piece by piece and that sounds cool at least on the paper. Unfortunately, you have not seen much from the feature so far. If you want to know more about the restart, like to look in here:

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more on the subject

Saints Row returns to the roots: All information about the reboot


Tobi rarely has seen a nicer special console than that of Halo Infinite

Tobias Veltin : Actually, I am someone who nods recognizing for special editions of consoles, but far away is to buy them themselves. At the Halo Infinite-Xbox Series X, which was announced during the Opening Night Live, however, my mind dropped completely and I knew: I have to have the thing. I mean, is this design not beautiful? Black starry sky, Mjolnir suit elements and the blue cortana shimmer in the ventilation opening? Visually, the Special Edition is like a cast.

Fortunately, I was fast enough and was able to get a console following the announcement. And of course, the Master Chief Elite Controller had to go to the shopping basket. There is a lot of money on it now, well, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy my personal gamescom highlights for a long time with my personal gamescom highlights.

Annika can not wait in Cod the Nazis to make hell hot

Annika Bavendiek : Sometimes one noticed his longings only when you get the object of desire suddenly in front of your nose. So it was on the Gamescom 2021 with me with Call of Duty Vanguard \ – or more specifically with the campaign of the World War II Shooter. Apart from that, apart from the fact that this year on the digital trade fair has torn well from the stool, I got unexpectedly great fancy the Vanguard singleplayer, when I saw the trailer on the Opening Night live.

Although I had fun with COD campaigns in the past again and again, but rarely they have so irritated me in advance. That’s probably because I had no 2nd World War I had more than setting. In addition, the gameplay shown for the Russian Shooter Polish, which fights by Stalingrad, promises a staging that takes away the ground under her feet. And that literally, after all, the trailer already includes such intense scenes. This is likely to be more inflamited in November in November after kinorifipe, if there is entertaining ego shooter action.

Hannes has lost his heart to Dokev

Hannes Rossow : If there was a game at this year’s GamesCom that has caught me completely unprepared, then the Dokev was. A Pokémon-like Action RPG, where I can noides on a missile skateboard and a jet ski (really pretty) Korean small towns? I did not know that I missed me exactly something like that. Yes, it is still hard to grab the exact concept of Dokev and get a feeling for the game. But I am definitely interested.

That behind the game the developers stuck in the inside of Pearl Abyss makes me hope. Even if I have never actively played the MMO Black Desert, the RPG incorporated me in any case by the high production quality. And I hope that Dokev can benefit from it. Therefore, because it seems to have decided to give up an MMO approach at Dokev. A good approach, I think!

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Now you are in the series: Which game or announcement has been the big highlight for you in the context of Gamescom?