Saints Row series that reboot SAINTS ROW has been announced. Mike Watson, who worked on the leader of the official improvement patch project held in the second Saints Row 2 PC version, the former Volition employee in the overseas bulletin board RESETERA for the 26th, cancer It was revealed by writing.

Watson originally known as Saintsuro series famous modder idolninja, and has been working with MODs such as Gentlemen of the Row and Sandbox +. Then he joined the Series Development Volition as a community manager. He was also active as a leader of a significant official improvement patch project based on the Saints Row 2 PC version, which was discovered in 2019.

Although Saints Row 2 PC version improvement project, according to Kotaku, Volition and Deep Silver have to be completed without Mr. Watson without Mr. Watson, who was conducted on the Volition’s Facebook page. It is said to be promised.