The crazy brother of the Grand-theft car series gets a new beginning. The reboot of Saints Row says goodbye to aliens and super forces and returns to relatively normal gangster life. Some fans are not satisfied with the first trailer at all.

GTA 5, but crazier: What is it in Saints Row?

Six years after the last part of the series, Saints Row will be re-launched with a reboot. A first story trailer on Gamescom 2021 already shows the fans The new characters in action . The Open World Series in the style of Grand Theft Auto 5 leads you this time in the southwest of the USA, where you should set up a new criminal empire in the city of Santo Ileso.

Initially, the city is already divided between three established gear. Fortunately, you are available numerous weapons and a wide selection of vehicles with which you can persuade you friendly to make you room. The trailer already shows some crazy stunts. If you want to know more about how the new Saints Row plays, you can watch the preview of our colleagues of Giga Games.

First trailer to the gangster reboot pushes on resistance

However, the Saints-Row reboot is also criticized sharply. The trailer for PS5 and PS4 on the Playstation Channel has just as many dislikes as Likes **. For example, fans complain in the comments that the trailer shows no gameplay. Real game scenes were presented only at the end of the presentation in a very short trailer.

Some users would prefer a return to the more realistic first two parts of the series . Both graphics style as well as action remind users too much at Fortnite and Watch Dogs and too little to Saints Row.

However, the problem of many players seem to be the new saints. They are called hipster, which would do as if they were gangth. However, there are also some inappropriate and derogatory statements about the female members of the Saints . Seximus in gaming is unfortunately even a problem in 2021, which also concerns real people. If you want to read more about the topic, you can look at our column on the topic in which we have been affected by your experiences and wishes.

The reboot at Saints Row wants in a new city a restart for the criminal ranging car. So far, however, there is little gameplay to see the Open-Word game. However, the trailer is also criticized online.