While a rebooted version of Saints Row unveiled yesterday under our latitudes (read our first impressions on this topic ), the Epic Games Store Shop is illustrated in the stride to announce the arrival of Saints Row The Third Remastered in its blind, and available for everyone for free and recoverable until September 2 at 17:00.

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Released in May 2020, the title arrives in your favorite stall with all DLCs and Tutti quanti.

Here are the full pitch to do not miss anything, so by chance you would like to do it or redo it for the 50th time.

_Saints Row: The Third Remastered allows you to embody the saints at the top of their power and live every moment to show it. It’s your city; Your rules. Remastered with improved graphics, Steelport, the original city of sin, never seemed so beautiful drowned in sex, drugs and weapons.

_The Saints de 3rd Street, years after selling stilwater, have gone from urban gang to recognized brand: we find in each store the same saints of the saints, the same energizing drinks of the saints and the same miniature figurines of Johnny Gat . The saints are the kings of Stilwater, but their fame does not go unnoticed. The union, a conglomerate of legendary gangs present in the four corners of the world, now has the point pointed on the saints and requires its tribute. Refusing to submit you, you arrive in Steelport, a metropolis formerly proud which has now sank in sin under the yoke of the union. Discover the craziest play scenarios that are: Swing a tank in the air, order a satellite air strike on a gang of Mexican wrestlers and defend yourself against a whole military brigade.

Arms of destruction – it’s one thing to see his enemies, it’s another to humiliate them. Hunting aircraft, wacky melee weapons or cars with human cannon are part of your fun destructive arsenal. Ferfelue customization of the characters – Create the most eccentric characters ever seen, going from a featured Has-Been to a ninja hacker bare. In each sinner hides a saint. Who will you become? Copany Coop – Play solo or online with a friend. Start in a parachuting session, land on the foot-up on fire of your partner and go happily storm a ridiculously reinforced building of the union. Steelport is better with friends.

_ All DLC included – The three mission packs and more than 30 DLC objects of the original version. _

The other game Gratos will be a certain Automachef, a game of reflection and resource management in which you design kitchens, program machines and admire your genius come to life! The time has come to create the cuisine of tomorrow today.

It will also be available until September 2 at 17:00.