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Thus looks the incredible remake of GTA San Andrepowerful technical with Unreal Engine 5 created by a fan

Since the presentation of Unreal Engine 5 they do not stop appearing new and increpowerful technicalingly powerful technical demonstrations of what is capable of the popular graphic engine of Epic Games. From Spider-Man to Cyberpunk 2077, through a demo on a platform of a station or the famous demo of Matrix. Now, a user hpowerful technical got to work to recreate nothing more and nothing less than GTA San Andrepowerful technical , one of the most popular and beloved deliveries of the Rockstar Games saga, under Unreal Engine 5. And the result cannot be more spectacular. Do not miss the demo video that accompanies the article; It is really worth it.

Grove Street powerful technical you’ve never seen it

Thus, the Tepowerful technicalerplay Canal hpowerful technical shared a video demonstration of what it hpowerful technical managed to recreate with Unreal Engine 5 with the mythical Grove Street powerful technical a central axis of this demonstration. Thus, although it is not a gameplay powerful technical such, the clip shows recorded scenes of several San Andrepowerful technical icons under such realistic technology; It is even allowed to have an ultra realistic version of the protagonist, CJ , thanks to an HD model shared by the artist Hossein Diba.

GTA San Andreas Remake - Amazing Showcase In Unreal Engine 5 l Concept Trailer

Of course, the author of this Unreal 5 version of San Andrepowerful technical warns that is not a first step to recreate the game with the lpowerful technicalt graphic engine of Epic Games, but that it is only a visual reinterpretation of the same taking advantage of the capacities of this new technology bpowerful technicaled on such a famous rockstar title.

In addition, in the video description of YouTube it is allowed to add that “this is how the definitive edition” should have been, in reference to the poor Rempowerful technicalterized Port of San Andrepowerful technical offered by Rockstar months ago.

Call of Duty Warzone 2: Does the return of a mythical map expect in the continuation?

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has been formalized by Activision E Infinity Ward , the information about the latter remains very, very discreet, except that they are actually non -existent.

However, the developers had announced a few days ago that the next Battle Royale will not be linked to any other Call of Duty game, and according to the latest leaks, Warzone 2 map would look more like one of the legend maps of the license..

Warzone 2, a map similar to Blackout?

When it was launched Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 In 2018, it was the first time that the license offered its players A Battle Royale through the Blackout mode . While it was well received by the community, it was less successful than Warzone, the first of the name. The reason? Probably because Warzone seemed to be a free game, unlike Blackout, which had to be paid since it was implemented in BO4.

As a reminder, the Blackout map offered several points of interest with the best license classics, including Nuketown Island or even the ghost people with Buried Zombies of Bo2.

Exploring the NEW Season 2 Map Locations in Warzone!

However, despite Blackout’s lower success, Infinity Ward seems to want to return to the origins of this Battle Royale since for Warzone 2 the study would support more in the latter and not what the players know through Warzone.

Therefore, and according to the filter Tom Henderson, The Warzone 2 map should look more like Blackout’s, naturally with several points of interest.

Regarding these famous PDI, if the leaks announced a map inspired by the city of Medellín in Colombia, new leaks declared the introduction of several known maps of Modern Warfare 2 published in 2009.

Among them, Highrise, Quarry, Afghan and Terminal are those that players can expect to find through this new Battle Royale, but at present, the study has not yet confirmed anything.

If we had to summarize, Call of Duty: Warzone 2 would look more like Battle Royale Blackout , and if your map will be similar to the latter, the gameplay should also be. According to cameraman Neroscinema on YouTube, great changes will be produced: the inventory system with the introduction of a backpack, such as Blackout, or supplies falls that players must unlock through some challenges and at the shopping station.

Did you digest a joke to Gatwa? Meet a new rose from Doctor Who – a black transgender

The anniversary year will definitely become special for the cult series “Doctor Who”: Following the young Black Dr., performed by the joke of Gava (“sex education”), BBC introduced a character named Rose.

And this is not about the heroine Billy Piper, who traveled around space and time with Christopher Eccleston and David Tenanth. A new rose will be played by the Black Transgender actress Yasmin Finnie, known for the British show “Craving of the Heart”-a hit from Netflix about Goeev schoolchildren.

Which, recall, is Showranner Russell T. Davis. He did not disclose the details, but we can assume that Finnie got the role of the doctor’s companion. Before that, the transgender in the series flashed in only one episode.

StudentFaculty Reading Series

The Last Adventure of the Thirteenth Doctor will be released on the BBC in the fall.

Portal in Nintendo 64: This is the project of a fan capable of operating in a real console

Portal —And its sequel – is one of the most popular puzzles video games that have ever been seen. The fans community that grows around it is very large and there is no lack of users who express their enthusiPortalm through all types of mods and creations, Portal is the cPortale of programmer James Lambert, who currently works in a version of the game For Nintendo 64 . He hPortal just shared his progress and the result is impressive.

What makes this version of Portal functional in a real Nintendo 64 . According to Lambert, the biggest challenge wPortal to get the portal system to work in a hardware of this characteristics, and in the following Video ** you can verify that it is; up to 4 simultaneous portals can be created.

Other great projects created by fans

In recent years, the players community hPortal not cePortaled to surprise us with their creations. We have seen from demand (modern games with very striking graphics) such Portal Bloodborne in PSX and Elden Ring in Game Boy, to such ambitious projects Portal The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with Unreal Engine 5, among others. Without a doubt, the enthusiPortalm of some players knows no limits.

The portal movie is still underway

Although time hPortal pPortalsed and we have no new news, lPortalt year it wPortal JJ Abrams himself who Portalsured that the project marches at a good pace. “We have a script that is being written for the portal movie in [Warner Bros.]. We are very excited about its approach and the proposal , so it seems that the thing is finally over rails, ”he explained.

Portal Demake for Nintendo 64: Portal Gun
Portal and Portal 2, two of the most popular puzzles games of all time, are available on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PS3, Xbox 360 and on Android Shield devices.

Büskens: If you are a competitor, you want to win titles

Mike Büskens’ mission at FC Schalke as an interim coach is fulfilled – the narrow celebrations have so far been celebrated in eight games under his direction and have already been as a promoted one before the last match day. The Schalkern was written in the face of the big pressure among fans, employees and players after the victory against the St. Pauli last Saturday.

But despite the safe rise, Büskens should not be a show run before he moves back into the second link. The royal blue would like to celebrate the second division championship with their “friends”, 1. FC Nürnberg (Sunday, 3:30 p.m., live! ” So the 54-year-old, who also emphasizes that there would certainly be no foul in the area if his team shouldn’t be master in the end.

From the point of view of those responsible, the game is not only important in terms of sport, but also financially. The “Roughly one million euros” championship would bring in for the district club. However, this also depends on the placements of the other teams, said Rouven Schröder, who made it clear his expectations: “We want to complete the chapter with a top end.”

The moments of enjoyment are far too short. We will find the time to make the decisions.

Rouven Schröder

Here Comes the Boom: Executioner Final Round
Before the trip to the Franconia, the commitment of the new trainer is also a big topic in Gelsenkirchen: But until the announcement, the fans have to be patient. “The moments of enjoyment are far too short. We will find the time to make the decisions,” explained the sports director, who only wants to take care of personal details after the celebration on Monday. In any case, one thing is certain – the coaching team will be preserved.

The 1997 Eurofighter has a clear opinion of his future task, in which he sees himself exclusively in the second member and in a special area: “I would like to prepare the young players for the next step,” said the ex-professional.

The coach did not want to reveal whether Büskens in Nuremberg who were less used to play less recently. There is always the possibility to use actors such as Malick Thiaw, who only sitting on the bench in the past two games.

Metroid Dread released last year is the best -selling part of its series

Metroid dread has sold better than any metroid before, says Nintendo’s latest accounting year.
Metroid Dread, who continues Samus Aran’s adventures, received mostly thanks to his last October release.

Metroid Dread: Samus Aran’s FINAL Mission? (Theory)
This has also been nicely reflected in sales figures, as the game has been good for consumers as much as 2.9 million copies.
This is more than ever in the series, with 2.84 million sales of the Metroid Prime in 2002.
The original NES-Metroid has traded 2.73 million times.

The metroid dread, released for Switch, grabbed a full five stars from consolefin’s review.
Read Petri Katajan Pöhsi here.

LOL: MSI is a disaster and we deserve a better competition

Most of Legends League’s competitive fans are disappointed with the 2022 format. Since the competition was modified in the last edition, criticism of Riot Games have been constant. The reason is the imbalance of the matches in the first phase of the tournament. The strongest teams in the world must face rivals with a much lower level than those found in their domestic competition, passing over them in most cases.

The less competitive competition of League of Legends

This situation results in generalized boredom in the first phase. Beyond the drought of competitions and the initial interest in seeing the great stars of the Legends International again, there are not many reasons to hook the matches. G2 eSports, RNG and T1 have passed round without losing a single game . A situation not very different from last year. Then, the LPL champion was undefeated from the Liguilla, while Mad Lions and Dwg Kia only lost a map.

However, The final result is not even the biggest problem and it is almost more worrying how it gets to it.

The comparison of the average duration of the items, provided that the metajuego remains constant, is the best scale to calculate the equality of the teams in a competition. While the sets of the three major leagues took an average of almost 33 minutes to win each game in their regions, the MSI meetings took 6.5 minutes less. This means that victories occur much faster . The inevitable conclusion is that the first minutes mark the encounter in almost all cases without incognito about what the result will be.

The inevitable conclusion is that the first minutes mark the encounter in almost all cases without incognito about what the result will be. Throughout everything that has elapsed MSI 2022 ten clashes have exceeded 30 minutes. This little review does not serve to improve opinion on the format that should be the second largest League of Legends competition. Only two of the ten games with a duration of more than half an hour correspond to meetings between uneven teams . We define as disappeared confrontations those in which a team that would obtain the direct square to Worlds against one that would have to go through the play-in.

  • The four clashes between Evil Geniuses and G2 eSports
  • The two clashes between Detonation and Saigon Buffalo
  • A confrontation between evil geniuses and orders
  • A confrontation between detonation and team aze

Underdogs or Underrated? ORDER takes the stage at MSI! | MSI 2022
* A confrontation between Istambul Wildcats and PSG Talon
* A confrontation between PSG Talon and RNG

In response to the data, it is difficult to take the opposite to the League of Legends community. The format only has two possible defenses. On the one hand, you can claim the possibility of taking place a great surprise and, on the other, the fact that smaller regions can see their favorite players compete against great teams. The first argument has a hard time supporting. The only “Wildcard” team that managed to advance groups in an international tournament was Albus Nox Luna , which succeeded in the 2016 Worlds when this format did not exist and only two sets of the minor regions stepped on the World Cup. It is true that we magnify Pentanet’s feat in MSI 2021, but it only took place thanks to the absence of the VCS.

As for what the fans of the minor regions want, we cannot talk to them. However, it is assumed that they would prefer that measures were taken to protect their talent and create a strong world ecosystem instead of receiving the caramel of letting them play against Faker once a year if the raffle determines it. Koldo , a player of which he is part of the Koi squad for the next Super League, said that of defeats as bulky as those suffered by these teams it is impossible to learn anything. In general, we all lose. League of Legends has very few international tournaments throughout the year to be so interesting

Data extracted from and analyzed independently.

FC Bayern: That says Thomas Müller to say goodbye to Robert Lewandowski

Thomas Müller does not exclude Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern this summer. Nevertheless, the 2014 world champion sends a declaration of war to the competition around BVB.

An Emotional Lewandowski Appearances To Say Goodbye To Bayern Munich, Is Consoled By Thomas Muller
“Let’s see what happens. It is so, he has a contract until 2023. That means the reins, FC Bayern already has it in hand. Of course we would be in favor. But of course we know everyone The business, “said Müller in a” Sky “interview in Lewandowski’s future.

With a view to his “contract issue”, “things are now pronounced,” said Müller. Both the 33 -year -old Polish goal scorer and Robert Lewandowskis director Hasan Salihamidzic had confirmed the change request around the last Bundesliga game at VfL Wolfsburg (2-2).

Robert Lewandowski “very happy” at FC Bayern

Regardless of the vertebra, Lewandowski scored his 35th goal of the season in Wolfsburg. His long -time teammate was seen “that he likes to be here,” said Müller.

Lewandowski is “top-professional. If you as a player and above all as a striker- you want to perform on the square, you want to perform, you want to work. Playing bad is not fun”.

Lewandowski should have to fulfill his contract in Munich, said Müller.

warnings to BVB and Co.: “We will be handy”

Regardless of Lewandowski’s whereabouts, the 32 -year -old formulated clear goals for the coming season: “We have a run – and we want to continue. We don’t want to let the championship series cancel.”

However, Müller warned: “The other teams in the Bundesliga do not sleep. The ambitions are available to get from the throne.” Borussia Dortmund in particular “has already announced some changes or new additions”.

However, FC Bayern wants to be a “robust, tough opponent” for BVB. “We will be handy,” announced Müller.

Starfield fans worried after new report

_ ESTELAR_Campo_ In Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC was delayed this week from its release date of November 11, 2022 to 2023. Obviously, the game needs more time, but a new report suggests that there are more mistakes in the game. According to Bloomberg journalist, Jason Schreier, spoke with the developers of Bethesda Game Studios in the spring of 2020 who were worried about throwing the game in 2022 and feared that the game was the “next ciberpunk.” As you could know, Ciberpunk 2077 had a disastrous launch, largely because it was not ready for its launch. That said, this was after multiple delays. In other words, multiple delays did not help Ciberpunk 2077,And that is because _ciberpunk 2077 not only needed more time to crush errors. I had serious design problems and, more importantly, management problems.

Without more context, it is difficult to know how worriedstellar fans should be. Fearing internally that your game can be the next Ciberpunk 2077 lifts some red flags, not all of which are relieved by the simple fact that the game has more development time now. That said, and as expected, the news has not given the same hope to some fans.

«It will be the next Ciberpunk 2077 it doesn’t matter how many times they delay it. Ciberpunk 2077 It was also delayed. Bethesda has been launching Skyrim again and again with the same problems. His last game was as broken as ciberpunk 2077 except that he was not even pushing any limit, ”says an answer to the news on Twitter.

The biggest myth about ciberpunk 2077 is that I needed more time. According to what we have heard through the vine, the game had fundamental problems, many of which were exasperated by the game engine. Bethesda Game Studios fans will wait forstellar to simply need more time for quality and polished control, such as most games. Ciberpunk 2077 However, it is a lesson that does not matter how much you delay a game, more time is not always the solution that people think it is.

let's talk about Starfield being delayed

Telar Campo is the most anticipated Xbox game on the horizon, so it will be very important that Bethesda Game Studios do it well. If consquences 4 and skyrim are any context,stellar_ will have bugs. It is enviable. In a publication ciberpunk 2077 andbattlefield 2042_ However, the market is much more sensitive to the errors and performance problems than it used to be,

Free Play Days: Free game days with The Division 2 and more

The weekend is approaching and thus more Free Play Days on the Xbox.

Anyone who has an Xbox Live Gold membership above an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, this time there are three games to choose from.

So you can watch the freshly started season 9: hidden alliance of the agent game The Division 2.

Division 2 Free Play Days Punch Card Rewards Guide - Earn Any Achievement

On the other hand, if you like fast PS, you start the engines in the racing game WRC 10 Fia World Rally Championship.

But if that’s too fast for you, you can cut a few grasses in the Lawn Mowing Simulator even with less horsepower.

Xbox Free Play Days KW19/2022

  • The Division 2 Download for Xbox
  • Lawn Mowing Simulator Download for Xbox
  • WRC 10 Fia World Rally Championship for Xbox Series X | S download
  • Download WRC 10 Fia World Rally Championship for Xbox One

As always, your progress will be retained after trying it out and will be taken over after the purchase, so that you can continue playing seamlessly.

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